AUO is continuing to embrace the twin strategies of "Go Premium" and "Go Vertical" in the development of high-value products and smart space solutions. "Infinite Splendors" was chosen by AUO as its theme for Touch Taiwan 2021. A kaleidoscope of presentations was used to present the results of lateral innovation and vertical integration in advanced display technologies and field applications from AUO.
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Advanced Tech
AUO's ALED technology boasts exquisite detail and ultra-high dynamic contrast across its full range. In addition to advanced Micro LED display technologies for automotive ...

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The professional e-sports desktop monitor and notebook panels shown by AUO encompassed technologies such as curved panel, ultra-high-refresh rate and Mini LED...
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A variety of advanced technologies were applied by AUO to the commercial sector. These included oTP super narrow bezel digital interactive whiteboard in the largest ...

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Smart Mobility
In another demonstration of its R&D capabilities in large, high-quality car panels, AUO combined full lamination for curved surfaces, profile cutting, touch control and...
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AUO has applied advanced display technologies to medical panel solutions where precision is essential. Examples include diagnostic panels with minimum reflectivity ...

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Intelligent Retail
In addition to the supply of high-quality panel products, AUO has leveraged its expertise to expand into vertical market applications as well. A variety of bar...
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Circular Economy
Themed with Circular Economy, AUO demonstrates amazing development in green journey. We increase the degree of circulation by our outstanding innovation and...



Smart Sensing Applications

Ivan Wu

Senior Associate Vice President, AUO

International Smart Display Application Conference

Frank Ko

President & Chief Operating Officer, AUO

Smart Display in Healthcare

Jerry Chen

General Display Division Director, AUO Display Plus

International Micro/Mini LED Display Conference

Wei-Lung Liau

Chief Technology Officer, AUO

Global Market & Technology

Jennifer Lin

Senior Associate Vice President, AUO

Smart Display in Transportation

Tim Cheng

Transportation System Marketing and Sales Division Director, AUO

Smart Display in Retail

Hank M. Liu

Chairman & CEO, ComQi - JohnRyan

The Development and Business Opportunity of Circular Economy

Amy Ku

Chief Sustainability Officer, AUO

Smart Display in Education and Entertainment

Jerry Lee

Public Information Display Senior Director, AUO Display Plus


AUO Booth Tour

Time Twice a day
Introduction AUO will showcase a whole series of AUO proprietary ALED technologies and applications, including the industry-leading adoption of cutting-edge micro LED display technology. At the same time, AUO will demonstrate its leading position through integrating core display technologies with AIoT to drive innovative field applications and shape the industry ecosystem.


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